Toyota G chip solutions: Obdstar X300 DP, SKP900, JMD Handy Baby

Here are three cost-effective solutions of how to do Toyota G chip key programming with right car key programmers, such as Toyota G chip copy using SKP900 key programmer or JMD hand baby, doing all key lost with G chip with OBDSTAR X300 DP Pad.


Solution 1: How to copy Toyota G chip using JMD hand baby car key copy?

1 Recognize the key

2 Connect to the laptop

3 Open the Windows Client

4 Press “OK” button to decode (Client is exchanging data at the same time)

5 Decode completes! Unplug the cable

6 Put the chip into coil and Press “OK” button to copy



Solution 2: How to use SuperOBD SKP900 for Toyota G chip copy?

NOTE: you need initialize your ECU before all key lost.


You need prepare the register main key and new key for use.

SKP900-program-toyota-G-chip-1 SKP900-program-toyota-G-chip-1

Then connect SKP900 device to the car

The immo lamp on the car falshes


Then start SKP900


SKP900-program-toyota-G-chip-5 SKP900-program-toyota-G-chip-6 SKP900-program-toyota-G-chip-7

Choose OBDII adapter and turn ignition on



Add key


Insert the registered main key and turn ignition on


Inster the adding key and turn ignition on


Program succeed after immo lamp extinction

SKP900-program-toyota-G-chip-13 SKP900-program-toyota-G-chip-14 SKP900-program-toyota-G-chip-15


Insert the new key to test- it’s working

SKP900-program-toyota-G-chip-16 SKP900-program-toyota-G-chip-17


TOYOTA G chip programming success!


Tips: copy G chip by Handy Baby vs. program G key by SKP900:

With JMD handy baby, you need the original key to copy data for the new key via a specialialized G chip

but skp900 key programmer can directly program a key with a G chip in the car.


Solution 3: How to do Toyota G chip all key lost with OBDSTAR X300 DP tablet

Prepared two keys to do all key lost, the left master, the right one with a G chip to be programmed


Power on obdstar X300 DP tablet

Select Diagnosis in the main menu


In IMMOBILIZER, select Type 2 (with G chip 72)



This is the G chip


Select All key lost



Switch ignition off

Switch ignition on


Switch ignition off and remove the key


Configuring the system, please wait…

Switch ignition on

Configuring the system, please wait…

Switch ignition off and remove the key

The system pops up the tutorial of key programming through Obdstar X300 DP:


B: program 1 master key

1- insert the first master key, turn ignition on  and wait for 5 seconds”

2- insert the second sub key, turn on the ignition  switch and wait for 5 seconds

3- turn on the ignition switch quickly for 5 times.  The security light turns off and programming is finished.


Obdstar x300 dp key programmer does all key lost with G chip through OBDII successfully!

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