Toyota Crown 2012 Fob Programming by OBDSTAR X100

2016 new OBDSTAR X100 pro auto key programmer can perform EEPROM and key programming functions. And obd365 engineers has tested it on Toyota Crown 2012 successfully.


2 optional methods:

1- replace the smart key’s ECU control box for key matching

2- disassemble ECU box to write initialized data, then use OBDSTAR X100 for key programming


Toyota Crown 2012:



The smart key ECU is located on the right of the car trunk


obdstar-x100-pro-program-Crown-key-3 obdstar-x100-pro-program-Crown-key-4

Disassemble the smart key ECU, take out the board to disassemble the S2934 chip

Replace S2934 with 93C76 / 93C86 to write initialized data

Solder the 93C76 / 93C86 chip

obdstar-x100-pro-program-Crown-key-5 obdstar-x100-pro-program-Crown-key-6 obdstar-x100-pro-program-Crown-key-7

Reversely install the smart key ECU to the car, then insert the key



Press the ENGINE START STOP button until the yellow indicator lights up, turn ignition on


Connect OBDSTAR X-100 pro programmer to the car

Then start X100 pro


DO NOT remove the key

Press OK for the smart card synchronization

The SECURITY indicator on the dashboard turns ON for 10-20 seconds, then turns off automatically

Then smart card matching success

obdstar-x100-pro-program-Crown-key-10 obdstar-x100-pro-program-Crown-key-11



X100 PRO enters ADD SMART CARD, then follow the screen instruction


2012 Crown comes with the main and additional cards; only the main card is smart while the additional can do remote control and start the engine. The body and buttons on the main card is black, while the additional card’s is gray.

Left- main card; right- additional card



The smart control can be turned off with a switch under the steering wheel. Some users have thought of something wrong with the smart system. If you press it wrongly to cause the smart system out of order, just press it again to back normal.

KEY: cut off the switch smartly

SET: reset tire pressure



If you want to program two main smart keys, you should take the other out if the car at least 1 meter when programming the one; or you would failed to program keys.

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