OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 Program Toyota H Chip

OBDSTAR x300 pro3 key master is able to program a Toyota H chip remote now! Here is the test report of how to program a H chip and program the remote using the key master.


Car: Toyota Altis Esport

Purpose: program a remote with a chip H (47)


Tools to use:

KD900 to make a remote

Obdstar x300 pro3 to program a H chip key

Two keys- right: original, left: new to be programmed


Test process:

First make a remote key with the KD900 and insert the chip H (47)

Then, program the chip through obdstar key master

Select Immobiliser-> Toyota/Lexus-> Toyota/Lexus v31.03

obdstar-key-master-program-H-chip-remote-(2) obdstar-key-master-program-H-chip-remote-(3)


Loading software…


Select Immobiliser-> Type 2 (with G/ H)-> Add a key

obdstar-key-master-program-H-chip-remote-(4) obdstar-key-master-program-H-chip-remote-(5) obdstar-key-master-program-H-chip-remote-(6)


Read the prompt to go on:

1 master key is needed to erase or add other keys!

How to identify a master key and a valet key?

Insert the key into ignition switch, if the immobiliser light isn’t bright, that is the master key; if it is bright for a second and then extinguished, that is the valet key.


So insert the programmed master key, and switch ignition on, then press Enter to continue


Read the prompt to go on:

Insert to match the key and keep the ignition switch off and wait until about 60 seconds until the anti-theft lights go out and the matching is done


So, insert a new key wait until the security light goes off (need 60s)


The car can start successfully



Next, program the remote, also with obdstar x300 pro3

Go to Immobiliser-> Add a key-> Type 2 (with G/ H)-> Remote-> Type 1

obdstar-key-master-program-H-chip-remote-(12) obdstar-key-master-program-H-chip-remote-(13)


Communication breakdown:

1 ignition switch is turned on

2 mainline is connected

3 battery has power

4 is equipped with this system…


Select Remote-Type 2


Add remote


Switch ignition on and open the driver door

Press LOCK and UNLOCK together for a sec within 30 sec, press LOCK once


Successfully program a remote!


It’s working

obdstar-key-master-program-H-chip-remote-(19) obdstar-key-master-program-H-chip-remote-(20)



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