OBDSTAR X300 PRO Support Mileage Correction For Mazda 3/6/CX7/CX9 BY OBD Directly

These days OBDSTAR X300 Pro update software to support Mileage Correction For Mazda 3/6/CX7/CX9 BY OBD Directly, we have customers feedback very good for new update, but we also received some feedback which failed, after checking the data from our customer, following are the solutions:

This 2 pin instrument can be done by OBD Directly



This 4 pin instruments need to remove the dashboard, can not be done by OBD Directly, please attention:



If you have a vehicle which can not change mileage by OBD, please save your data and shot pictures to give us feedback. Do it as follows:
1 X-300 power on – Start – System Settings – Data Logging – Open -ESC return to main menu;
2 Matched vehicle normally, if prompted match fails, unplug the power and the machine;
3 Save the log file data for your matching process to the memory card folder
4 Send the log folder and pictures to our email.
Note! Each time when you  Unplug the machine, the data record is automatically turned off, so if next time you want to save the data, you need to follow the above steps to re-open the data record.


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