New Arrival OBDSTAR RT100 Remote Tester Frequency Infrared (IR)


OBDSTAR RT 100 Remote Tester Frequency Infrared (IR) can be used to detect frequency of car remote control, helps a lot in key programming and car maintenance.

RT100 Remote Tester Frequency/Infrared (IR) Highlights:

1. Portable Design
2. Easy Operation
3. Screen Display
4. Data Reliable
5. Built-in 9V alkaline battery, longer than 10 hours standby! 
obdstar-rt100-remote-tester-ir-001 obdstar-rt100-remote-tester-ir-002

RT 100 Remote Tester Frequency/Infrared IR Frequency Test Range:


How to Test Frequency with OBDSTAR RT100 remote tester ?

1. Power on the device RT100
2. Put the remote control close to the device
3. Press any button on the remote control
4. The lit indicator shows the frequency

 How to Test Infrared Working or not ?

The infrared works well if the indicator lits up after pressing the key button,otherwise,it is in malfunction


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