How to Add New Keys for Honda Accord 2008 by X300 Pro3

Interested in auto repair work and learned kind of things in bro’s repair shop… This weekend, i went there and helped him program a new key for a customer with Honda Accord 2008.


Several auto key programmers there, e.g. Superobd SKP900, Xhorse vvdi2, Obdstar x300 pro3… And i was advised to try his new Obdstar x300 pro3 key master. My bro said he usually uses this for key programming and km change. But i found that in the menu, this key master also supports EEPROM adapter and OBDII functions.

Then it’s to add a new key for Honda Accord 2008:

Select the model after entering immobilizer

obdstar-key-master-program-honda-key-(1) obdstar-key-master-program-honda-key-(2) obdstar-key-master-program-honda-key-(3) obdstar-key-master-program-honda-key-(4) obdstar-key-master-program-honda-key-(5)

obdstar-key-master-program-honda-key-(6) obdstar-key-master-program-honda-key-(7) obdstar-key-master-program-honda-key-(8) obdstar-key-master-program-honda-key-(9) obdstar-key-master-program-honda-key-(9)

All done just took me 5 minutes or less. The running speed is fast and it works stable (with ARM high speed chip my bro said)

Also, the operation is very easy. No issues to follow the guides on the screen.

I bet anyone can make it.

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